Khách sạn ưa thích của người Việt tại Sa Pa


White plateau this season, coming on Lunar New Year, white flowers dream, just make room for flowering plum green immature fruit, Bac Ha is great but the air clean, warm wine Bac Ha, a rice  sour Ban Pho, beef, horses, cooking, dishes of HMông …

See horses, dogs, pigs … Food Thang co!

If you are a visitor to the highlands of this white one is sure to visit Bac Ha market, this market is one of the sessions also renowned for keeping the pristine look with bold and unique ethnic kinsfolk upland .

Bac Ha said the market is said to horses. But this time the horse was less lively than before, you may need to travel and cargo of her children here have also been”shared”with many facilities such as car Launching, reinvest car … Or can do is build new market place for being so narrow. Or by meeting weekly market trading is so easy, not difficult as before. Landscape horse market is down the clustered, exciting …


chợ ngựa bac ha


Several dozen horses were classified in the day along asphalt, the Mong, Dao, Kinh, and the foreign markets, standing … watching horses mainly. The trading exchange is not much.

30 minutes is only observed in one horse was purchased for $ 3 million, the buyer must also struggling to try riding tired stuffs. Free martial lóc horse riding toad when buyers try on concrete goods, although”it”place for a rugged mountain slope …

Phi thử ngựa





Trả tiền mua ngựa








People buy the horse to breathe mainly found but to train a child does not breathe easily found. 3-4 to the home buying has not been domesticated horses do cargo.

Not only purchase horses, Bac Ha market is where her son purchase a lot of dogs and pigs. Even a corner market crash plangent, pig calls. The cotton white dog with eyes like the pearls do not also, many tourists want to buy but heard about the sweep of this breed is only adaptive in upland, lowland is brought to life”” long been – must refrain! Price a dog in northern Ha variation on the 100 thousand dong.


chợ lợn

Here’s the pig markets mainly to the farming, the large dark black, butt hog hammock, the large white long hair fringes precipitated … Any restaurant that specializes lowland specialty mountain pigs not sure Kim Long before the metal is known to look … Packaging very brittle, very aromatic flesh! Each session weekly markets such as”consumed”hundreds of pigs.

Bac Ha market as new customers call weasels foot, who were also interested in”contact”in monthly cattle and horses at the last fair. Fixed capital items won is the father of her child high here, a lot of people from distant markets to carry the bag on white rice, call them into a consistent bowl win and trying to contact good healthy food with rice.

Even visitors to the fair can not stop without first trying to win the pot smoke in ngut think weather will be cold capital characteristics of upland areas. Who had”crushed”should eat, who they said tried to eat, even some grandparents also Western cuisine”charm”of this dish.
people here today as”connoisseurs”eat, they are trying  just like eating and using stop   horse or buffalo. Day, he also sold gold A Thin won two pots are fixed, weight about 80kg. Fixed price per bowl “Thang Co” since the 15-20 thousand.



đi chợ ăn thắng cố

Impression of the session the market higher

First picture is the human impress horses now selling the currency to $ 500,000 par soi very long and very carefully, in the version given also some people were paid author.
However, there is an interesting, in this market specifically for horses, there are both cleaning-a very beautiful picture of the work of keeping the environment in this high mountain.
Followed by impressive sales of towels and clothing products wearing her baby delivered. A visitor asked to buy a form of brocade scarves, after bidding VND 40,000, the seller tells the buyer:”This Hand children swept up from the domain, not the original purchase price as low as that!



Mặc cả mua đồ

Between market sales drive with a full CD, VCD, DVD very crowded, to buy her children here unlike the urban, to watch them on disc, viewed very long, stop at the music discs Young artists have the model beautiful, eye-catching, before buying cautiously asked what disk, or a”no”? (because there is no”in”spot that disk read test!

In a corner market, she sold brocade Nung ethnic jokes are very fresh with her two Tay and together see pictures taken just memories. Despite different languages, but mutual uttered a sound very common:”Beautiful,”beautiful!
Brother, has a native population here is just a tax officials attached to the version used in Bac Ha market that, in recent years, tourists also started to Bac Ha, especially foreigners .
”Not only tourists but the people here and we love this land because it’s pristine beauty, fresh air is not polluted. Anyone like to go to meet market session, Bac Ha for corn drink, eat noodle sour the City, are trying to win food for Hmong  people… simply that’s it!”–



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